SIG Rattler - MCX 300 Blackout


Sig MCX in 300 Blackout.  Sold from the factory as a pistol, this is a sweet little gun.  Lots more knockdown power than its look-alike MPX in 9MM. This packs a punch.  Our version has a modified thread and bushing to adapt them to 1836 Armory Suppressors.  Available as gun only or with 1836 Stalker suppressor at a discounted price.  

Tested using a 1836 Defense (7.25") suppressor, the larger round creates a little too much back pressure and back splatter.  It is highly recommended to use a 1836 Stalker (9.75") suppressor on this firearm.  Although not technically an integral suppressed as the suppressor is removable, it fits within this category.

The firearm is a pistol so additional Tax Stamp for SBR is necessary.  Suppressor requires Tax Stamp

Comes with 3 position extending wrist brace and no sights.  1836 muzzle brake included.  

Gun Only:                  Weight:  5.2 lbs    Length w/ muzzle brake:  20.5"    Barrel 3"

With 1836 Stalker:     Weight: 7.1 lbs      Length:  27.25"