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Warranty and Safety Warnings
Safety and Installation Warnings and Recommendations
1836 Armory warrants it silencers to be free from defects in parts and workmanship for a period of one year from
purchase date. Improper or illegal use of the device voids the warranty. Improper installation, ammunition, or use  of
the device not for its intended purchase voids the warranty.
For any repairs or modifications or warranty work, please contact 1836 Armory via email for return authorization and
arrangements. Do not attempt to return the silencer without prior contact with 1836 A rmory
Manufacturers Disclaimer:
It is the purchaser or user’s responsibility to follow all warnings and recommendations for safe operation, installation, removal, cleaning,
and all other use of this product. Non-conformance with these requirements will expose the user, other persons, and property to
potential damage, injury, and death. It is the purchaser or user’s responsibility to read and understand these instructions in their
entirety. If you do not understand any part of the instructions, please contact 1836 Armory via email.
 Ensure that every firearm is unloaded, chamber is empty, bolt removed or locked back, and safety is engaged before handling weapon
and assembling, disassembling, maintaining, cleaning, installing, or removing a suppressor.
 A suppressed firearm is still a weapon and Personal Protective Equipment must be used at all times. Safety glasses are required.
Hearing protection is optional when firing subsonic ammunition. Even though sound levels are reduced, they may still be enough to
harm individuals and people with sensitive hearing (children and older persons). Ensure that everyone in the area of shooting is
wearing proper equipment.
 Before installation or firing of a gun and silencer and after each cleaning, check the bore of the silencer and gun bore for obstructions.
 Silencers are designed to be fired “dry.”  Never put anything in the silencer such as oil, grease, or water. You may use a sparing
amount of anti-seize lube on threads to ease threading but must ensure that no grease exerts from the threads into the bore of the
gun or silencer before use. We recommend Birchwood—Casey Choke Grease or equivalent
 No cleaning of the silencer is necessary under normal conditions. Do not wash out or lubricate interior with oil or any cleaning solvent.
Remove the silencer from the gun before cleaning gun. If the bore is plugged with any foreign matter that cannot be removed
completely with a soft cleaning rod or pressured air, return to manufacturer for disassembly and cleaning. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO
 Only use the silencer on the proper caliber gun as detailed on the label. Precision silencers are not designed nor intended to be used
on multiple calibers of guns.
 Silencers become very hot during operation and remain hot for a long period of time. Wait for the silencer to cool sufficiently before
handling. Only then can the silencer be safely removed.
Safety and Installation Warnings and Recommendations (Continued)
Ammunition Requirements:
The silencer is optimized for premium ammunition manufactured to CIP specifications.  DO NOT USE FRANGIBLE OR PRE-FRAGMENTED
AMMUNITION. EVIDENCE OF ITS USE WILL VOID THE WARRANTY.  It is safe and acceptable to use high-quality sub-sonic commercial
ammunition if the twist rate of the barrel is sufficient to stabilize the bullet. Check this by firing firearm without silencer 5 shots into a paper
target at 10 yards and looking for keyholing or oval bullet strikes.
 The silencer must be mounted on muzzle threads that have been cut and checked by a competent reputable gunsmith. Threads may not be
damaged, dirty, or un-lubed. The silencer shoulder should fit square and flush with the barrel shoulder. There sho uld absolutely NO gap.
The silencer shall be threaded on carefully hand-tight. Any excess tightening force beyond hand tight is not normal and silencer should be
removed and threads checked for damage. Do not use a wrench or tightening device of any kind. Do not fire the weapon if any gap exists
or if the silencer is not tight. Correct any thread defects before attempting to install or use the silencer.
 Always refer to the firearm manufacturers instruction manual for safety, operation and maintenance procedures before operating. No part of
this manual is intended to supersede the firearms manual in any way.
 Only use the silencer on the proper caliber gun as engraved on the silencer. Precision silencers are not designed nor intended to be used on
multiple calibers of guns. We do not recommend the use of a silencer with a thread adapter.
 We recommend that suppressors and integral suppressed firearms should cleaned using mops and not loose patches as they may become
lodged in suppressor.