How to Buy a Silencer

Additional Information on Trusts




1836 Armory recommends the use of Texas Law Shield ( for legal services regarding your trust formation and application.  They also have excellent programs for all areas of firearms law. 



Trusts are a legal entity which enables multiple persons to be a “responsible party” and be in possession of a suppressor.  Prior to July 2016, the additional parties were just listed on the trust paperwork filings and no background check was done.  Rule 41F was implemented at that time and now a ATF Form 5320.23 must be completed and submitted along with fingerprints and photographs for each “responsible party”.  A sample of this form is attached.  Texas Law Shield or your attorney will guide you on this submission but it consists of an abbreviated Form 4 with a notification to your CLEO as well. 

On the Form 4, the paperwork is completed as for an individual except for Questions 2a, 18 and 19.  Question 2a’s check box will be checked in the “Trust or Legal Entity” box.  Question 18’s answer will be the total number of “responsible parties” including yourself and Question 19 is a listing of each party. 

Once your trust paperwork is completed, you will send a copy of it to 1836 Armory along with the Form 4, fingerprint cards, and photos. 1836 Armory will then submit to the ATF