Sig MPX - SBR Rifle for screw-on suppressor


Sig MPX in 9MM.  Sold from the factory as a rifle, this is a sweet little gun.  We have shortened the barrel to 3" for compactness and left the threads outside the fore end to accommodate a screwon suppressor.  Our version has a modified thread to adapt them to 1836 Armory Suppressors instead of the Sig tapered thread.  Available as gun only or with 1836 Defense or Stalker suppressor at a discounted price. Same price with either suppressor 

Tested using a 1836 Defense (7.25") suppressor and the 1836 Stalker (9.75") suppressor on this firearm it worked well with either but was marginally quieter with the longer suppressor.  Some may prefer the weight balance of the larger suppressor.  Although not technically an integral suppressed as the suppressor is removable, it fits within this category.

The firearm is a rifle so an additional Tax Stamp for SBR is necessary.  Suppressor requires Tax Stamp as well 

Comes with 3 position extending wrist brace and no sights.  1836 muzzle brake included.  

Gun Only:                  Weight:  5.1 lbs    Length w/ muzzle brake:  20.25"    Barrel 3"

With 1836 Stalker:     Weight: 6.2 lbs      Length:  27.25"

With 1836 Defense:    Weight: 6.1 lbs    Length: 24.5"