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30 Suppressor - 9.5"

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The 1836 Armory 308 9.5" Moderator is designed to provide performance and a great shooting experience.  In 7.62 NATO caliber for AR-10 type rifles and suitable for mid-range calibers, these suppressors have:

  • Excellent Sound Suppression
  • Muzzle Flash Elimination
  • Superb Recoil Reduction
  • Improved accuracy

Constructed with aircraft grade stainless steel bodies and stainless steel and aluminum internal components, 1836 Armory Moderators are maintenance free and designed for years of hard service in difficult conditions.  They are machined on CNC lathes to extreme tolerances and hand fitted for maximum performance. 

Your properly fitted 1836 Armory 308 Suppressor will accurize your weapon through improved harmonics, less recoil, and less shooter flinch from sound.  Subsonic ammunition is available for 308 Winchester and other rounds.  With this ammunition, downrange noise will be negligible, much less than a 22 LR.  With hypervelocity ammunition there will still be sonic boom of the round during firing but the muzzle noise will be eliminated.  Hearing protection is not required during shooting. 

Muzzle Flash is essentially eliminated.

ATF Tax Stamp and registration required for transfer to end user

    Length:    9.5"
    OD :        2"
    Weight:    27 oz.

Rated for full auto fire

Available in 5/8" x 24 and 18 x 1mm threads.

Available in Cerakote colors Black Matte, OD Green, Desert Tan, and Natural Finish Stainless (Polished and Matte)